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Caecus Group The insignia of Caecus Group.
Country of Origin Canada
Designation Terrorist Group
Motto Dominata per mendacium

Public Face

Caecus Group (Latin for blind, obscure, hidden, aimless, etc.) is a Canadian terrorist separatist group originating from the province of Alberta and based somewhere in the US Rockies. Their activities include bombings and random shootings, but focus on the kidnapping and subsequent on-video killings of high profile Canadian loyalists and politicians. Recently, Caecus have also begun seemingly semi-indiscriminate attacks on US citizens, leading the US President? to condemn their actions.

True Face

In reality, Caecus Group is actually a criminal organization of American businessmen, politicians, and mercenaries who have banded together in the common goal of ruling the entirety of North America. Using various innocuous-looking companies as fronts, Caecus is using the mask of "Canadian Separatists" to manipulate Canada and the US into open war with each other, weakening both countries dramatically and making them ripe for coups. Caecus is well aware that under the current political climate, though the President has continuously refused to take action or allow a joint operation with the Canadian government to prevent further attacks on Canada, he will vehemently condemn their attacks on US citizens, causing tensions between the two countries to rise further. In addition, regardless of who strikes first, once open war breaks out, the attitude of the US President towards nuclear weapons (stemming from an ignorance on the actual effects of nuclear blasts) will likely result in at least one atomic bomb being used on Canadian soil, causing international umbridge and a cessation of support both abroad and among all but the most die-hard domestic supporters, drastically increasing the success rate of the planned coup.