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This Trac and Wiki contains unmarked spoilers for the game. Continue at your own descretion.

Welcome to 403 Aurelius

Greetings. This webpage will act as the central development hub for 403 Aurelius.

403 Aurelius is an experimental project by PSR. All development happenings will be recorded and often streamed for public view.

Due to the nature of this project, this Trac will be publicly viewable. Visitors that are not a member of PSR may check this hub at any time, however they will be limited to viewing only.

There's a ticket system for feedback/bug reporting, and additionally there's a Roadmap (click the button up above) for a detailed look at specific progress towards certain goals.

Information Links to pages on this Trac
Experiment An explanation of the experiment of this project.
Overview A page detailing the game's story and the game itself
PSR A page describing all team members, their streams links, etc.
Standards A list of rules and standards that team members are to follow.
DevHubA compilation of wiki pages for things featured in the game, such as weapons, enemies, etc. as well as misc stuff pertaining to the game.
External Links to resources outside of this Trac
Team Website