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403 Aurelius is a project that was conceived by PSR with an experiment behind it: To develop a small mod behind absolutely no doors. All development happenings will be entirely visible to the public eye. Every last bit of development will be recorded and streamed live if possible. From components as large as level design to details such as team discussion of mechanics, everything will be documented. The aim is to show why projects take the amounts of time they do, and to showcase the effort and processes behind them in full detail.

Due to the nature of this project, this Trac and Wiki, as well as developer streams will without a doubt contain unmarked spoilers for the game. Continue reading or watching streams/recordings at your own descretion.

There will be no room to ask questions such as "Any progress?", "Is it dead?", or even "How close to completion are you?" All of that information and more can be found on this very Trac. Theoretically anyone can know just as much about the project as a PSR team member.

This does, however, come with a catch: since everything will be documented, this includes the boring parts, as well as parts that may not be directly related to development. Sometimes you might be watching a texture being painted, other times you might just see a developer talking in the team chat or just moving around their files. You never know. And again, there will be spoilers.

Each PSR team member has their own stream page. They can be found on the PSR team page. Streaming sessions are random. There are no set days or times for when streams will occur, nor is there any guarantee about how long they will last. They could be 30 second sessions at 4AM, or 5 hours sessions in the evening, or anything between and beyond.

Additionally, it is at each developer's discretion to decide whether they wish to acknowledge that they're being observed. They may answer questions and discuss with the chat, or they may remain silent. It is entirely of their own volition.

Development Records

All recodings of development streams, sessions and so on.

Chat Logs

All our conversations on Skype are logged and released to the public on a weekly basis.

Check out this page to see a list of all chat dumps we've published so far.

Developer Introductions

In case you for some reason want to get acquainted with a particular nerd before allowing them to bore you to death.

2D Art

Anything from sprites to model textures.

3D Art

Desks? Check. Terrorists? Check. Chess pieces?! Checkmate.


Things movin' 'n' stuff.


Drawings! Watch a nerd draw squares on a whiteboard or a different nerd draw people in Photoshop!


Alas, poor Yorick!

Level Design

Like orange and grey? These are the videos for you.


Somehow important enough to do but not enough to categorize.


Because this is what everyone wants to see. If for some odd reason you are fascinated by Valve's utter mess of a codebase, we've got you covered.

Sound Effects

click click boom

Voice Acting

It's like the worst audio outtakes section ever, really.

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