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Development Chat Logs

Due to the nature of this project, this Trac and Wiki, as well as developer chat logs, will without a doubt contain unmarked spoilers for the game. Continue reading at your own descretion.

PSR Digital is a multinational team of developers of all ages that spans several time zones. As a result, it's pretty much impossible to have face-to-face meetings whenever we discuss our plans for the game. Email and forum posts are too slow, and Steam group chats seem to have this nasty habit of wiping chat records off the face of the Earth, never to be seen again. So, for development discussions, we almost exclusively use Skype chat (and very occasionally, Skype calls) for communication.

As part of the ongoing 403 Aurelius Open-Dev experiment, we will be posting weekly chat dumps of our Skype logs so the public can more closely follow the evolution of the game. You'll see how we bicker and debate and reach a consensus on everything from whether GabeN's hands are real, to whether the Taser should be a one-shot kill. Keep in mind though, besides some rudimentary date filtering and basic contact information censoring, these chat logs are almost entirely unedited. If you see our conversations going off on wild tangents, that's just part of the game, you see.

The current plan is to release weekly chat dumps spanning from that week's Monday to the following Sunday, although this plan is subject to change depending on our whims and whether we feel there is enough content in the chat logs to be bothered with posting.

NOTE: Since accurate, unambiguous, universal timekeeping is a recurring unsolved problem in the entirety of the collective experience of humanity, ALL POSTED CHAT LOG TIMESTAMPS ARE IN UTC UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED.

Chat Dumps

January 2016

February 2016