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Taser The Splazer S-32 CEW is a close-quarters less-lethal weapon designed to subdue targets with a burst of electricity. Used by security guards and police around the world, the S-32 is considered by many to be the CEW of choice.
Range TBD
Ammunition Type Stun Dart Cartridge
Ammunition Count 1 (single shot per cartridge)

The Splazer Company

The Splazer Company was founded in 2014 as a company manufacturing conductive energy weapons (CEWs), a form of less-lethal weapon designed to stimulate sensory and motor nerves, contracting muscles and thus incapacitating threats in a hopefully non-lethal way. Though there has been some controversy surrounding the usage of Stun Guns, and deaths resulting from them, on average early models were ~76% less deadly than firearms, making them an excellent choice for police and civilian use. Modern models, such as the increasingly popular S-3x line manufactured by Splazer, have introduced new algorithms for determining the amount and duration of electric current needed to neutralize a threat based on various factors, making them more effective at near-instant incapacitation and an entire 93% less deadly than firearm wounds from standard issue police service pistols.

Primary Attack

The S-32 CEW primarily fires electrically-conductive darts at a target. In this mode, there is a laser pointer built into the weapon that allows the user to easily make aim. The target won't be killed, but will be instantly incapacitated. Each cartridge only fires one shot, so use them sparingly.

TENTATIVE: Since the darts must be electrically connected to the weapon in order to deliver a shock, there are conductive wires that trail behind the dart when fired. Naturally, the wires cannot extend forever, so this effectively limits the range of this weapon to just several feet in front of the user.

TENTATIVE: Since the darts are fired using compressed gas propellant instead of gunpowder, they have a slight (but noticeable) travel time. The user will have to lead his/her shots slightly for a moving target.

Secondary Attack

The S-32 CEW features a "stun bayonet" mounted at the front of the weapon as a fallback for situations where a user does not have a dart cartridge available. To operate the "stun bayonet", the user must hold the secondary fire button to charge the weapon's internal capacitors. When the button is released, the weapon will discharge a large electric shock (like a defibrillator). If the attack is successful, the target will be incapacitated just as if they had been hit by the electric darts. The weapon must make physical contact with the target in order for this attack to do anything, however.

Gallery The first concept art produced of the S32.