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HBC Security Security Guards are employees of the the Harland Broadcasting Corporation. Tasked with maintaining building security and the safety of employees, their job description includes standing in one spot looking menacing, doing patrols through various areas, keeping an eye on the security camera feed, apprehending intruders, providing information at the reception desk at night, and "gently" reminding people not to shake or kick the vending machines.
Role: Enemy/Neutral?
Weapons: S-32 CEW (Stun Gun)
Voice Actor(s): TBD (Christian "Crypt" Bryant, Stephen Wimmer)

The security uniform consists of dark blue or black pants, a light grey or tan button-up shirt, boots, a deep blue jacked labeled "Security" on the back, and a cap. (Jeff Note: Or would people prefer a Police-style hat?) Other equipment includes a two-way radio system with the transceiver mounted on the left breast of the jacket or shirt, and a stun gun for subduing violent perps.