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Dev Hub

This pages acts as an SDD for the game. Everything from character descriptions to game mechanics to in-depth concepts are to be stored here. There are lots of words and not many pictures. Try to not be frieghtened.

General Below are some general pages that you may find useful.
The Experiment An in-depth look at the experiment behind this project
Missions and Plot A list of missions, links to their wiki pages as well as a brief plot overview.

Here's some wiki pages for basic info:

Characters: Guess.
Mysterious Tipster
HBC Security
Caecus Shock Troopers
Major Organizations: Organizations with significance to the story.
Caecus Group
Harland Broadcasting Corporation
Minor Organizations: Smaller companies and brands within the world.
Awesome Inside
Nix Corporation
The Splazer Company
Productiv Softwarez
Code Blue Cola
XMI Industries
DeVille Hygienic
Equipment: All of the main equipment useable in the game.
Boot Drive?
Mechanics: Useful stuff.