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Phone The phone is a device used by the protagonist? for multiple purposes.
Manufacturer XMI Industries
OS Mecha 7.3.1 "Key Lime Pie" (Rooted, Custom ROM)
Screen Resolution 4K
Camera Specs 24MP, 20mm x 18mm Sensor


Though regularly used by very few people, all mobile phones still feature a phone function. This function is used by MT to contact the player and relay instructions and information.

Wireless External Device Interface

The phone is able to wirelessly interface with the Smart Glasses? and forward calls to the glasses, showing caller ID on the lenses and quietly projecting audio directly into the ear canal.


The phone is outfitted with a top-of-the-line integrated camera for capturing grainless 4K cat videos and taking succulent selfies. In practice, it's more useful to the reporter for gathering evidence of HBC's wrongdoings.