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Security Camera Security Cameras are wall or ceiling mounted video capturing devices that either record events in a specific area for future viewing, live viewing by a security guard, or both.

The security cameras in the HBC building are linked to manned security booths located on the same floor or one nearby. At night, the cameras are also designed to emit an infared signal volume that, when broken, automatically sends a-low priority alert to the security booth in order to notify the guard on duty that motion has been detected by the camera. The smart glasses? can highlight these beams, allowing the reporter? to more easily avoid automatic detection by the camera. However, as the cameras do feed to a security booth, staying in the camera's FOV for long enough, even if the infared beam is not tripped, may result in detection as well.

After a floor's network has been subverted by hacking the server?, MT can access the camera logs to loop old feeds and deactivate the infared sensor, preventing the cameras from detecting the player.